With the release of the Unity 3D 3.5 Public Beta (and its new flash exporter) Unity launched the “Flash in flash creation” contest. Between the 22. December 2011 and 5. January 2012 developers had to create a flash game. Planck~ was my contribution.

  • 3D arcade racing game prototype
  • Unity “Flash in a flash creation” contest 2012

Planck’s law

The players have to complete three rounds on an race track before the time runs out. The tracks are made of rings. A tiny time bonus is awarded when the player flies through a ring. Collisions with solid rocks and red doors should be avoided. The red doors will set the current speed to zero and deactivate the boost. To open the doors, click the left mouse button when in close range to it. Colliding with solid objects will set the timer to zero and the player loses the game instantly. It is crucial to use the boost function. It will double speed but makes it even harder to steer.


Download updated standalone version for Windows or OS X
This version is based on the original flash submission, with additional content like difficulty levels, local highscores, updated interface and adjustable mouse settings.