Developed by dreipol for SO Appenzeller Käse GmbH / 2013 / 2016
Available on iOS and Android

Game Design, Programming, 3D Art by Gregor Falk
Original idea by Philipp Läubli, Nino Cometti, Mario von Rickenbach, Michael Burgdorfer

Talerschwingen is a “music instrument” played by musicians in the traditional swiss folk music in the eastern part if Switzerland, especially in Appenzell and Toggenburg. While swinging a silver five swiss franc coin (Fünfliber) in a pottery bowl (Talerbecken), the player yodels in very special way (Zäuerlen). Now you can play this without yodeling or a real bowl in your hands on your mobile device.

  • 3D environments and bowls
  • Two sceneries, Appenzell and Zürich, each with different environments, bowls, coins, UI design and achievements
  • Two difficulty levels, Appenzell (hard) and Zürich (easy)
  • Six different bowls to play with